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Fri, 06 Jan 2017

IPv6 in Montreal

Since I've moved back to Montreal from Paris, I haven't had time to re-set the IPv6 part of my LAN, which had been running off of a SIXXS tunnel for a few years.

The good news, is that my local ISP (Videotron) has been allowing IPv6 to the home for a few years already though 6rd... it's not yet native IPv6 to the home, but as far as I can tell it seems functionally useful (information available here).

So, I activated 6rd on my Asus router and got an IPv6 address as expected. This is good, so I will set up my home server (DNS, web, etc) to also work with IPv6 and move back to a hybrid IPv4/IPv6 home network... need a couple of days to work on that, so it will probably not happen before spring (ha!).

Still, it's good to see that IPv6 is spreading. I am quite impressed by Google's statistics here... seems like over 15% of users access Google through IPv6 today. That's a lot more than I expected! Glad to see that the transition is really happening.

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Tue, 05 Jun 2012

June 6 is World Ipv6 Launch Day


Not only is today 2012 Venus Transit (see here), but it is also World IPv6 Launch Day (see here).

As I've said earlier, my home network is on IPv6 as can be seen here through the SixXS IPv4 gateway. Support the move to IPv6, NAT'ed IPv4 networks are really a weak solution.

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Wed, 18 Jan 2012

IPv6 day for 2012 will be June 6

Seen on today: On June 6th, many companies will be enabling IPv6 by publishing AAAA record in DNS, and this time, they are not turning it back off!

This is good news.

I have been running IPv6 in my little part of the Universe for about a year (yes, I know, I should have done it earlier... I've been meaning to do it for 10 years). I even have a subnet at home that is running 100% IPv6. Interestingly enough, while IPv6 is fine, it is not easy to run a plain PC or Mac in an IPv6 only world, as a number of things still expect IPv4 to be visible (or at least, I haven't found the ways to get around it). For instance, while Windows has had support for IPv6 for a long time, my Windows machines on that IPv6 segment cannot seem to find Windows update, and hence no patches get downloaded, which isn't nice.

Browsing the web is also frustrating, because even though Google is visible on the IPv6 internet, the search results returned don't all point to IPv6 addresses (unless I haven't found who to enable that).

Are many people living in IPv6-only worlds? How do you do it?

/inet | Posted at 16:33 | permanent link

Sat, 12 Nov 2011

Moving to IPv6

Actually, this machine is the first one within the domain that has moved to IPv6.

I have used the facilities provided by to create a tunnel to an IPv6 network, and have established an IPv6-only subnet on my home network.

I have installed a client MS Vista machine onto this subnet, and I am trying to see what works and what doesn't on this subnet.

I intend to blog about what works and what doesn't in these pages.

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